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Frequently asked questions

Can I work with Josh?

Wherever you live in the world, anyone can book in some online coaching sessions with Josh. He offers one-to-one lessons over Zoom, which you can book in at your own convenience and learn piano from the comfort of your home! Book here

I'm a complete beginner and don't know anything about the piano - can you still help?

YES YES YES! I love teaching beginners. No questions is too dumb, and no one is unteachable. What an exciting journey we have in store!

I've been playing piano for a while, but looking to take my playing to the next level - is Josh right for me?

1000 times yes. No matter your level, I can offer some other perspectives and ideas to add some fairy dust to your playing. Lemme show you what you can become!

How does the student portal work?

Every student gets their own tailor-made portal - a mind map of what you're hoping to achieve on the piano. It includes a pinboard of notes from each lesson, so that anything you may forget will be there for you to check - so you'll always know how to use your practice time!

How do the Zoom lessons work? What do I need?

All you need is:
- an internet connection - a device with Zoom installed (a laptop is ideal)
- a working piano or keyboard!
So long as you and your piano are audible, you're good to go! WOoOoOp!

Do you teach in-person lessons?

The majority of lessons are online, but I do teach a handful of in-person lessons if you should be so lucky to happen to live locally. Fill in a contact form to see if I have availability!

How do I book a Zoom lesson with Josh?

Choose your lesson type and pay here Find a slot(s) that suits you here